Speaker's Presentations 2014

Presentations for which the CANM has received permission to post on the Website from speakers; information accurate at date of presentation -April 10, 2014. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sunrise Symposium
 Speaker  Presentation Slides
 Christiaan Schiepers  Molecular Imaging & Therapy of Prostate Cancer

Plenary 1 - Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute CAD
 Speaker  Presentation Slides
 Lucille Lalonde  Clinical Evaluation of Acute CAD
 Yinong Wang  Pathology of Acute CAD
 Angela Kealey  Invasive Imaging of CAD
 Carmen Lydell  CA Scoring & CCTA in the Diagnosis of CAD
 David Wolinsky  Cardiac SPECT & PET for the Diagnosis of CAD
 Angela Kealey  Thearapeutic Options in Acute CAD
Plenary 2 - Diagnosis and Treatment of Dementia
 Eric Smith  Clinical Evaluation 
 Manish Joshi  CT, MRI
 Ingrid Koslowsky  Radiopharmaceuticals
 Jean-Paul Soucy  SPECT, PET - Imaging of Dementia
 Jeff Joseph  Pathology of Dementia
 Eric Smith  Therapeutic Options

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Keynote Lecture
 Speaker  Presentation Slides
 Peter Herscovitch   Molecular Imaging in Neuropsychiatry
Concurrent A - Part 1 - Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer
 May Lynn Quan  Clinical Perspective
 B. J. Docktor  Mammography, US, MRI in Diagnosis and Follow-up
 Kathy Schilling  Scintimmamography and PET
 Hua Yang  Pathology of Breast Cancer
 May Lynn Quan  Surgical Options for Breast Cancer
 Mark Webster  Oncology Options for Breast Cancer
Concurrent A - Part 2 - Sports Medicine
 Preston Wiley   Clinical
 Ho Jen  Bone SPECT/CT Imaging for MSK Injury: A Comtemporary Approach
Concurrent B - Part 1 - Technologists' Program
 Lawrence Lau

 Radioembolization of Hepatic Malignacies Using 90 Yttrium Microsphere Brachytherapy 

 Jeff Flemming  Brain Scintigraphy Seizures
 Jean-Luc Urbain  Gastric Emptying, Small and Large Bowel Transit
 Betty Clarke  Making Cents Out of Seiverts
 Jody Piercey

 Seiverts Osteoporosis Canada Guidelines - What the Technologist Needs to Know

 Tina Alden   Technical Aspects of Pediatric PET CT
Concurrent B - Part 2 - Technologists' Program
 Doug Abrams    Mo-99 Production
 Katie Gagnon   Cyclotron Produced Technetium
Concurrent C - Part 1 - Nuclear Medicine in Musculoskeletal Infection
 Harvey Rabin  Clinical
 Kevin Tyler  Radiologic Approaches
 Ingrid Koslowsky  Radiopharmaceuticals
 Reinhard Kloiber  Nuclear Medicine and SPECT and PET-CT
 Harvey Rabin   Therapeutical Options
Concurrent C - Part 2 - Neuro-Endocrine Tumors
 Tisa Perra  Patient Perspectives
 Janice Pasieka  The Surgeon Point of View
 Moosa Khalil  Pathologist
 Dean Ruether  The Oncologist Point of View
 Pam Zabel  Radiopharmaceuticals
 Sandy McEwan  Canadian Centre for Excellence
Concurrent D - Part 1 - Technologists' Program
 Jonathan Abele Cardiac SPECT and PET1CT Update
 Lucille Lalonde  Approach to ECGs
 Emer Sonnex The Role of Nuclear Medicine in Cardiac Imaging
 Concurrent D - Part 2 - Technologists' Program
 Ho Jen SPECT-CT Imaging for Sports Medicine
 Roy Park  Kyphoplasty

Plenary 3 - Head and Neck Cancers
 Harold Lau   Clinical Evaluations
 John Lysack   Radiology/Anatomy
 Jean-Luc Urbain   FDG PET 
 Roderick Simpson   Pathology 
 Harold Lau   Treatment Options 
Plenary 4 - Update on Medical Isotopes
 Doug Abrams  Reactors Production Of Moly-99 Across The World
 Katie Gagnon  Tc-99m Production with Cyclotrons
 Kennedy Mang'era  Tc-99m Production with Linear Accelerators
 Al Driedger  Emerging New Medical Isotopes

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