Speaker's Presentations 2017

Presentations for which the CANM has received permission to post on the Website from speakers; information accurate at date of presentation - April 23, 2017. 

 Thursday, April 20, 2017
PET Symposium
 Speaker  Presentation Slides
 Anne Newman  Not Available - Patient Perspective - The Patient & Family  View of Cancer Diagnosis to Treatment
 Julian Dobranowski   Imaging Expectations
Jonathan  Sussman  Imaging Expectations
Session 1
 Barry Stein  Not Available - Patient Perspective 
 Erin Kennedy  Not Available - Advanced Colorectal Cancer - Decision  Making From A Surgical Perpective
 Anand Swaminath  Extra-Hepatic Metastases from Colorectal  Cancer - Approaches
 Amit Singnurkar  PET for Advanced Colorectal Cancer
Session 2
 Michelle Downes  Pathology of Prostate Cancer
 Masoon Haider  Anatomic Imaging of Prostate Cancer
 Stephen Probst  Not Available - Molecular Imaging of Prostate Cancer
 Glenn Bauman  Looking into the Future for Management  for Recurrent Cancer
Session 3
 Jill Dudebout  Clinical Decision Making During Staging
 Ur Metser  Not Available - Imaging
 Richard Tsang  Adaptive Therapy: What Do You Need to  Act?
Session 4
 Norman Laurin  The Quebec PET Program
 Ur Metser  Not Available - The Ontario PET Program
 Andrew Ross  The Nova Scotia PET Program 

 Friday, April 21, 2017
 Keynote Lecture
Speaker  Presentation Slides
 Roland Hustinx  Keynote Lecture - Ga68 Imaging

Plenary 1 - Radiopharmaceuticals' Economics - Not Available
Plenary 2 - Technologists' Session - Neuroendocrine Tumours
 Mihaela Ginj   Not Available  -The Nuclear Medicine Theranostic Approach in the Management of Neuroendocrine Tumors
 Raina Park & Gina Capone  Lu-177 and Ga68 Radiation Safety Hazards  Assessment 
 Brandon Driscoll  Lu-177 Imaging 
 Doug Vines  FAZA Imaging for Tumour Hypoxia  
 Kevin Roland  Neuroendocrine Tracers Now and Future   
Plenary 3 - CANM - CNETS Canada Session
 Jackie Herman
 Welcome & Introduction to CNETS
 Girish Shah  Highlights of Research Projects Funded by CNETS and Outcomes
 Trevor Pugh  Not Available - Exploring New Ways to Treat Gastrointestinal & Pancreatic NETs
 Hagen Kennecke  The PET NET Study: Impact 68Ga-DOTA-TOC and 18F-FDG PET/CT on Multimodal Management Among NET Patients
 Jean-Mathieu Beauregard  PART-Inhibitor Radiosensitization in 177 Lu-ocreotate PRRT of Neuroendorcrine Tumours
 Ann-Britt Everett  Not Available - Patient Perspective: Impact PRRT on a Patient Journey
 Eric Liu  The Clinical Impact of Ga68 Somatostatin Receptor Scintigraphy
 Eric Turcotte  Ga68 Clinical Trials
 Sandy McEwan  The Cross Cancer Institute Experience
 David Laidley  Not Available - The London Health Sciences Centre Experience
 Rebecca Wong  The University Health Network Experience
 Jean-Mathieu Beauregard  The CHU de Québec - Université Laval Experience
 John Buscombe  PRRT in Europe
 Simron Singh  Radiant 4 Clinical Trial
Plenary 4 - Technologists' Session - Economics in Nuclear Medicine
 Sanjay Sharma  Cost of GMP in Nuclear Medicine 
 Chris Malcolm  Economics of NM for Techs 
 François Couillard  Economics of Reactor Produced Mo  
 Kennedy Mang'era  Canadian Sources of Tc99m 
 Bernard Ponsard  World Mo99 Supply 

 Saturday, April 22, 2017
 Keynote Lecture
 Speaker Presentation Slides
 Frederic Paycha  MSK Nuclear Medincine in 2017
Plenary 5 - Thyroid Cancer: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
 Annie Sawka  Not Available - New ATA Guidelines
 David Goldstein  The Surgeon's Point of View
 Mark Tulchinsky  Not Available - The Nuclear Medicine's Point of View
 Ken Suh  Not Available -The Patient Perspective 
Plenary 6 - The ABCs and Challenges of GMP
 Reiko Oyama  The American Experience
 David Green  Not Available - The CanProbe Experience
 Doug Abrams  The Canadian Challenge
Plenary 7 - Technologists' Session - Emerging Imaging
 Stephen Probst  Novel Nuclear Medicine Imaging & Therapy for Prostate Cancer  
 Jozef Nycz  Serving Patients & Physicians in an Electronic Age: McDonalds Has Gone Paperless, Why Can't  We? 
 Shaun Ramdhany  Developing Agents 
 Grace Chung  PET-CT Guided Interventions 
Plenary 8 - Nuclear Medicine Education for Patients & Referring Physicians
 Virginia Pappas
 The SNMMI Experience
 François Lamoureux  The Québec Expericne: Le Patient
 Jean-Luc Urbain  The PANGEA Project
Plenary 9 - Technologists' Session - Nuclear Medicine Case Review - Reading with the Experts

 Steven Burrell  Case Presentations 
 Katherine Zukotynski  Not Available Case Presentation 
Plenary 10 - Brain SPECT Scintigraphy
 Paul Harig  PTSD & TBI: The Clinical Aspects
 Reza Berenji  Brain PET, PTSD & TBI
 Dan Pavel  Not Available - Brain SPECT, PTSD & TBI

 Sunday, April 23, 2017
Review of Section 3 Simulations
Speaker   Presentation Slides
 Khun Visith Keu  Review of Section 3 Simulations
Plenary 12 - Nuclear Cardiology in Collaboration with ASNC
 Jean-Luc Urbain  Not Available - Test Your Knowledge in Nuclear Cardiology
 Karthik Ananthasubramaniam  Not Available - Myocardial Perfusion with Medical Isotopes: SPECT or PET
 Ting Lee  Myocardial Perfusion with CT

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